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  • We bring creativity to technology.


    Premium West Coast apartments. The only thing easier than the living is the searching.

    • Prometheus Real Estate - Before and after

      Founded in 1965, Prometheus is the largest privately owned multifamily developer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their portfolio includes dozens of properties in the Bay Area, Portland, and Seattle.

      These are no garden-variety apartments. Constructed with a curator's eye, they apply a boutique design sensibility, while committing to a larger sense of community.

      We partnered with Cibo to bring a more modern Prometheus web presence to life: new look, new features.

    • Prometheus Real Estate - Responsive imagery

      Cibo intuited that a beautiful, immersive experience would best serve the goal of lead generation. The site is replete with bold photography, both to highlight the design touches and to give the user a truer feel for the properties.

      A comprehensive responsive image strategy was employed to keep the site highly performant across all devices without sacrificing visual impact. A super-fast CDN serves images sized and art-directed appropriately for the user's screen.

    • Prometheus Real Estate - Search results page

      Apartment hunters know what they want. Any search functionality needs to balance a robust tool set, a visually engaging experience, location awareness, and minimal clutter.

      The result was an Airbnb-style interface that checked all the boxes: predictive natural-language search, filter/sort options, image-rich results, a clear information hierarchy, and two-way interactivity with a map. Responsive across all devices.

    • Prometheus Real Estate - CMS with image gravity control

      In order to facilitate easy maintenance of the site, we designed and developed a custom CMS. A bespoke approach meant we could include sophisticated features such as precision control of image weighting for responsive display on the customer-facing web site.

    • Prometheus Real Estate - Tour scheduler

      For many apartment sites, lead generation ends with a catch-all email address.

      Prometheus takes it a step further. We implemented a tour scheduler with real-time appointment availability, providing more qualified prospective renters with an easy-to-use tool for seeing a property up close.

  • We help you speak to all your audiences.

    Balyasny Asset Management

    Smart investing: telling the story, and providing the tools.

    • Balyasny Asset Management - Public site and investor portal

      BAM, an international asset management company, wanted a more modern expression of their brand online. But how to speak to current and prospective investors using the same voice?

      Here again, we partnered with Cibo to reassert BAM's unified brand voice, while applying it to different customer experiences.

    • Balyasny Asset Management - Careers page

      The public marketing site and the members-only investor portal are unified by a consistent look and voice, echoing BAM's brand promises: balance, reliability, collaboration, growth.

      In particular, the investor portal demonstrates BAM's commitment to providing utility to its customers. Features like watermarked documents benefit the investor with a personalized experience, and contribute to BAM's overall security protocol.

    • Balyasny Asset Management - Document search and filter

      BAM uses AWS as a repository for hundreds of secure financial documents, with no native system of categorization.

      We implemented a naming convention to enable document searching and filtering on the front end without upending BAM's normal workflow.

      An extra layer of authentication was also added to mask the location of secure documents and ensure requests were originating from valid investors only.

  • We understand your issue deeply.

    Prosper Marketplace

    Enabling those who enable businesses.

    • Prosper - Document detail page

      Before writing a line of code, we interviewed agent managers, and monitored agents as they worked. We then guided all stakeholders towards a comprehensive list of product requirements for a new Loan Verification Platform.

      The result was a dramatic increase in agent throughput, leading to improved customer satisfaction and a greater profit margin.

    • Prosper - Document actions

      For Prosper, vetting borrowers was a bottleneck. The more quickly agents could approve borrowers, the more Prosper's business would grow.

      Working with Prosper's internal tech staff and overseas developers, we built a new Loan Verification Platform with ties to legacy systems via existing and new API endpoints.

    • Prosper - Workflow diagram

      We established a development workflow adhering to test driven development principles and requiring peer code reviews. We implemented use case scenarios, continuous integration, and iteration cycles.

    • Prosper - Multiple document actions

      During the launch period of the new system we watched agents work, interviewed them, and prioritized enhancements.

      In the end, agent throughput was greatly increased and the bottleneck was reduced. This led directly to increased customer satisfaction and a greater profit margin for Prosper.

  • We connect your legacy systems to the modern world.


    The hottest restaurants and dishes never looked so good.

    • ChefsFeed - Desktop home page

      ChefsFeed required quick turnaround on a major rebranding project.

      Along with the new look and feel came new features for the web site. It all had to be done within just a few weeks - and it had to tie into legacy systems.

      We hit the ground running, came in on time and under budget, and were then hired to add enhancements over the next several months.

    • ChefsFeed - Dishes page, before and after

      Code Refactory was brought in for a fast-paced turn-around that included new development and requirements to tie in with legacy and 3rd-party systems.

      The initial round of work included a wholly new web site and updates to an existing, proprietary CMS.

    • ChefsFeed - Best new app on Apple Store

      Following a successful deployment, our engagement with ChefsFeed was extended.

      The continued work included enhancements to the web site and CMS as well as a senior-level role for an iOS native app.

    • ChefsFeed - Ad network integration

      In addition, Code Refactory spearheaded advertising integration for static and video ads resulting in new opportunities for ChefsFeed revenue.

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Fabrice Armisen

Fabrice has more than 20 years of experience in software engineering and consulting, working with the complete lexicon of software technologies. Renowned for his resourcefulness, Fabrice loves nothing more than being told that something cannot be implemented, and then going away for a couple of hours and doing it.

Gregg Butensky

Following stints as an electrical engineer and an acoustician, Gregg started programming in the early days of multimedia. He's been coding for the web for over 20 years. While he loves the problem solving challenges of engineering, he became passionate about computing when the landscape shifted to be about communication. Engaged travel, photography, and music all contribute to Gregg's love of the wired world and he's thrilled to be able to work in this realm.

Shawn Cunningham

Shawn has a background in mechanical engineering and software systems, with over two decades of startup experience in Silicon Valley, primarily focused on the design and development of large scale distributed systems. Shawn is an active angel investor for several Bay Area startups and helps build large scale interactive zoetropes in his spare time.

Andrew dePasquale

Andrew began his 15-year career in technology hand-coding websites for small and midsize businesses. He balances his engineering chops by bringing strong UX and visual design sensibilities to every engagement. In a past life Andrew wrote copy at a couple of advertising agencies. His offline hours are spent playing guitar, exploring California hikes, and rooting for underperforming New York sports teams.

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